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VNR Universal is a notable and dynamic organization in India giving declaration verification, legitimization, and Star administrations. Anything administration you pick, we guarantee that you are all around educated regarding the cycle, and our energetic and devoted staff will uphold you every step of the way.

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Any individual who will head out to UAE requires UAE Confirmation and VNR Universal is leading organization or company for getting UAE Consulate Attestaion in Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat and all over India.The Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia's southeast is home to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a nation.Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate both in terms of land area and population and serves as the capital of the UAE. Dubai is another major emirate and is well-known for its modern infrastructure, luxury tourism, and business hub status.Mountains in the east and sweeping sand dunes of the desert make up the United Arab Emirates' topography.The governance structure is a federation, with some functions reserved for member emirates and others given to the federal government of the UAE.

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Certificate Attestation For UAE

There are three type of Attestaton

  • Educational
  • Non-Educational
  • Commercial

We undertake following Educational Document Attestation for UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation For UAE in India

Degree certificate verification is the most common way of checking the realness of a degree by an administration authority.If you need to head out to abroad for purposes like advanced education, work, relocation, or some other reason then it's obligatory for you to get your certificate validated by the public authority specialists and the separate country consulate where you've applied to travel.A identification and visa are the authoritative reports essential to remaining in a far off country. Essentially, a Degree Endorsement confirmation is one of the vital records you expect to satisfy requirements like Higher Education, Student Visa, Employment Visa etc.

  • Degree Certificate Attestation For UAE in India
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Professional Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

We undertake following Non-Educational Document Attestation for UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation For UAE in India

A Birth Certificate Attestation goes under the class of personal attestation. To begin with, the document is checked by the legitimate individual at the local level. From that point forward, the state home division checks your Certificate Document and demonstrates it is legitimate for validation with a sign or stamp.Yes, confirmation of reports you will use in the UAE is mandatory.Verification of Birth Certificate Attestation tells the public authority of your objective country that you are a veritable person.It is likewise a lawful strategy to gather data about you and trust that your presence will be favorable for the country.In this way, it is essential when you move to the UAE for schooling or business.

Verification of a UAE-based birth certificate in the UAE requires just a single day to be checked by the Service of International concerns and charges or fees for the Birth Certificate Attestation depends upon the organisation.Likewise, the quantity of days finishing the course of a birth certificate attestation validation for UAE relies upon the organization you have recruited for the work. At the point when you put your time and cash in an approved VNR Universal Organization for verification, you get your validated report immediately.

  • Birth Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Bonafied Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Salary Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • DeathCertificate Attestation For UAE

We undertake following Commercial Document Attestation for UAE

  • Power of Attorney Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Memorandum of Association Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Certificate of Origin Certificate Attestation For UAE
  • Invoice Certificate Attestation For UAE

UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation Procedure


Certificate Verification

The first step of attestation is Document Verification.Local authorities carry out this process.Necessary Documents used for business, school, or personal purposes must be verified in order to be validated abroad.

SDM Attestation

There are some documents which need to be attested by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate i.e SDM after being notarized. Documents issued by organizations like universities, educational institutions, and specific state government ministries are subject to this stage. The SDM attestation is carried out to confirm the legitimacy of the document at the subdivisional level.

MEA Attestation

The third phase is the most crucial one, in which the Ministry of External Affairs completes the paperwork using the authorized signing authorities of the State Government's signatures and stamps.When the documentation is finished, the MEA provides a stamp as evidence of completion.

Embassy Attestation

The last step in which the relevant Embassy will double check the attestation which is finalised by MEA.This guarantees the documents' dependability.The UAE Embassy will certify your documents if you need the certification for a UAE visa.

MOFA Attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also known as MOFA.Its a government Organisation for the Gulf Countries like Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and kuwait.It deals with foreign policy as well as foreign relation with other nation.Mofa Attestation is necessary whenever you decide to move to Gulf countries, this step is the last and important step of the procedure.Mofa will legalise the attestation by stamping Document.

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The notary's attestation is performed before any other process that involves the authentication of documents. The notary will usually provide   it in the form a signature. This is the basic requirement for any legalization process.

Documents such as Passports, Driving Licenses, Aadhar Cards, Voter IDs, Educational documents, etc. must be apostilled in India. Embassy will   not authenticate documents that are not apostilled by India. These documents will be only attested with a 'True Copy Only Attestation.

Yes,Various government agencies verify documents and stamp the back of the document.

It will take five working days for a candidate who is from Delhi. If the candidate is not from Delhi, such as Mumbai or Chennai, it will take   between 8 and 10 working days.

The cost of the certificate attestation depends upon the type of document and the Organisation.

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