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Birth Certificate Translation from Hindi to English

✔️ Above is per page price. Do update number of pages below.
✔️ Upon completion of translation, we also email scanned copies before shipping and deliver the hard copies across India and abroad.
✔️ Valid Internationally (Visa/immigration office etc).
✔️ Duly signed, stamped translation on company's letterhead along with an Affidavit/Certificate of Translation.
(For any questions, Whatsapp us)

  1. Certified translation printed on our company’s letterhead, duly certified with our seal and signature.

  2. An Affidavit/Certificate of Translation containing:
    • confirmation it is an accurate translation of the document
    • the date of the translation
    • the full name and signature of the translator or an official from our company
    • the translator's or translation company’s contact details

  3. Signed and stamped print-outs of source/original documents to prove/show what we translated.


My frnd introduced me to CTI, I also made my order here, I must recommend you guyz to try them once nd surely nxt time you will be recommending someone else. They understand the value of our money.
Kapoor Riya
7/23/23, 11:42 PM
First I did not believe it when I placed my order online when I got their email with the draft translation the next day I was surprised by their service. I received my documents through courier the next day.
Arjun Saxena
7/23/23, 11:41 PM
Good service, fully recommend to everyone
Neelima Singh
7/23/23, 11:41 PM
reliable and amazing service
Jatinder Singh Sekhon
7/23/23, 11:41 PM
Co-operative customer support, always ready to resolve the query. Thank you so much
Triptesh Janak
7/23/23, 11:41 PM