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Obtaining an MEA attestation refers to having the Ministry of External Affairs verify your documents by stamping them. It is vital to have your documents and credentials verified by the Ministry while applying for certificate attestation in India because this central department handles external affairs, or everything pertaining to foreign nations. This legalization of your documents is a must for them to demonstrate their validity. Prior to its decentralization, the External Affairs Department in Delhi was in charge of centralized attestation.

MEA document attestation

Any person who is traveling abroad must have a document authenticated in order to obtain a visa. Although the document is divided into three fundamental categories—educational, personal, and commercial—the attestation procedure varies depending on which category it falls under. When someone is moving overseas for any reason, document attestation is necessary. One must obtain document attestation in order to use their document. Any person who wishes to travel overseas for any reason—including tourism, education, or permanent residence—must have a document that has been attested. 

Why is MEA Attestation needed?

It is necessary to advance for both obtaining embassy authentication and applying for a visa. Numerous educational and personal documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, etc., need the Ministry of External Affairs’ authentication for Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Qatar Embassy, the United Arab Emirates, the Kuwait Embassy, etc. For a number of purposes, such as obtaining a resident, student, or work visa, conducting business abroad, or hiring foreign candidates, MEA certification is required. 

Procedure for the Ministry of External Affairs certificate attestation

Regional level: It is the first step in the method for authenticating certificates. According to the requirements, this level of legalization can be completed by the notary, the institution where the documents were issued, or, in the case of business documents, the Chamber of Commerce.

State Attestation: According to the demands of the document type, three distinct companies undertake the legalization of state certificates. The State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) are these departments. SDM is separate from the state government, although the verification carried out by this body is taken into account at the state level.

MEA attestation: The Ministry of External Affairs, also known as MEA, authenticates documents at the end of the process before applying an MEA stamp or sticker to them. The MEA is the main body in charge of managing the nation’s foreign relations, and it selects a minister every five years.

How to get the Ministry of External Affairs attestation in India

The entire MEA attestation process can be highly laborious and complicated, making it difficult for one person to complete. A variety of MEA attestation agencies offer certificate authentication and apostille attestation services. At VNR Universal, we provide authentication and have built a solid reputation. You only need to fill out the inquiry form and send us your papers in order for us to assist you with the verification process from beginning to end.

Why should you choose us for MEA Attestation?

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