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Chosing VNR Universal for Authentication confirmation for China Consulate or China Embassy Attestation in Chennai, Mumbai, Banaglore, Surat, Pune, Kerala, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi and more Indian urban areas and states will constantly be correct choice.Prior to giving a China visa, the public authority of China expects that all scholar and expert certificate of training and individual reports are given in India. The Indian Government office or Department in China should affirm it.For various reasons, including work visas, understudy visas, residency visas, or for exchange purposes, we require authentication confirmation for Chinese Visas. It is without a doubt an indication of affirmation that you are a legit individual or business visiting China with well meaning goals.Vnruniversal provides  best apostille services in India along with free pick up service. They highly educatted legal experts to tackle work.

Certificate Attesation For China

There are three types of Attestaton

  • Educational
  • Non-Educational
  • Commercial

We undertake following Educational Document Attesation for China

  • Degree Certificate Attesation For China in India
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation For China
  • Professional Degree Certificate Attestation for China

We undertake following Non-Educational Document Attestation for China

  • Birth Certificate Attesation For China
  • Marriage Certificate Attesation For China
  • Bonafied Certificate Attesation For China
  • Salary Certificate Attesation For China
  • Divorce Certificate Attesation For China
  • DeathCertificate Attesation For China

We undertake following Commercial Document Attestation for China

  • Power of Attorney Certificate Attesation For China
  • Memorandum of Association Certificate Attesation For China
  • Certificate of Origin Certificate Attesation For China
  • Invoice Certificate Attesation For China

China Embassy Certificate Attestation Procedure

Certificate Attestationis important from HRD, MEA Affirmation .The Public power of China requires all Individual statements, master or academic, gave from India to be demonstrated the veracity of by the Indian Government office/Division in China for extra check by the Assistance of Global worries of China Government before grant of China Visa.


Notary Attestation

This step involves the Documents verification(Power of Attorney, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Degree Certificate) from local authorities which is submitted to HUman resource Department i.e HRD for further process.

HRD Attestation

This Step involves the verification of details of all documents wheather its is personal, Educational and Commercial and attested by HRD Department for further processing of documents to SDM Attestation.

SDM Attestation

SDM is also known as Sub Divisional Magistrate.SDM Attestation is only done in Delhi in the absence of HRD Department by providing official signature by SDM to legalize the documents for further processing of stamping and document attestation to MEA Attestation.

MEA Attestation

This step involves the signing documents by Ministry of External Affairs as MEA is not accepting the applications from applicants directly, it is done by outsourced organization or companies for the Document Attestation to legalize the genuinity of individual.

China Embassy Attestation

The final step in which the China Embassy will verify the attestation which is done by MEA and then they will certify the documents for China visa.

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