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Certificate Apostille Service in Surat

Apostille is an international form of documentation used by members of the Hague Convention to authenticate personal, educational and commercial documents issued from within one country that have signed onto the Apostille Convention for use by another who also signed. Apostille attestation is recognised in 112 nations; most western nations also recognise Apostille.

India has signed the Apostille Convention and designated one body to authenticate documents for both Attestation services as well as Apostille certification.

Apostille Documents In Surat | Attestation Services In Surat, Gujarat

Vnr Universal provides travel documentation attestation services throughout India for personal documents like Birth, Marriage, Medical Certificates, Powers of Attorney or educational records.

Document Attestation From Surat

A Certificate Apostille renders documents valid to use abroad by attesting their signature, stamp or seal and providing verification that these elements exist on documents.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA), as an autonomous government body, performs certificate apostille services in Chennai  under its mandate from 1961 Hague Convention countries that signed it. Various organizations offer this certificate apostille service through this ministry.

  • Documents eligible for Apostille certificates in Surat

    1. Educational certificates 
    2. Non-Educational certificates 
    3. Commercial documents

Here are some examples of documents that can be Apostilled in Surat, India.

  • Educational Documents (Degree, Diploma, Matriculation Certificate etc)
  • Non-Educational Documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc).
  • Documents commercials (export invoice, power of attorney or certificates of origin etc.)

After being verified by an agency authorized in Surat as part of Certificate Apostille, an attestation Certificate will be attached to the document which attests its stamp, seal, and signature.Certificate Apostille are necessary for all documents intended to be used abroad, such as diplomas, birth and marriage certificates as well as legal documents such as contracts.

Certificate Apostille in Surat can take just a few working days and documents can then be used in their target country, though each Certificate Apostille may vary based on where its validity lies.

Apostilling documents is an integral component of legalizing documents for use abroad and Surat's Ministry of External Affairs as well as authorized agencies handle this process for legalizing documents for foreign countries.

Apostille Attestation Process For Surat, Gujarat


  • Notary Attestation

A notary attestation is the prime factor in authenticating educational and personal documents from regional lawyers or collectors.

  • Home Department Attestation (or SDM Attestation)

 The Home Department or State Document Management is responsible for attesting documents issued by state governments within its boundaries, legalizing documents issued through this process and legalizing documents issued directly by this department in some states (i.e. Mantralaya Attestation in some).

  • HRD Attestation 

HRD (Human Resource Department), it's the sole state department that authenticates educational documents. As part of their process, certificates issued at universities or boards need to be verified prior to being authenticated with HRD.

  • SDM Attestation 

Sub-District Magistrate can provide an alternative form of State Attestation when HRD Attestation by the Home Department isn't preferred.

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation

A Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesspeople that can act as the initial step to verify your commercial documents prior to legalizing MEA documents as these do not fall within state jurisdiction. 

  • MEA Attestation

MEA - Ministry of External Affairs. As part of their service they issue MEA stickers and seals according to your needs - final legalization occurring when both home country and destination countries are members of Hague Convention. 

How much time does the Apostille process take in Surat? 

Processing time depends upon the nature and urgency of each document or case being Apostilled; delays are unavoidable as each department works at its own pace and timeframe; to save you both time and energy we offer the fastest Apostille service available- usually 5-7 business days for document processing!

What are the fees for Apostille Attestation  in Surat?

Apostille fees will depend upon your documents being authenticated as well as whether or not the process is managed on your own; additional travel costs must also be factored into this cost since various departments exist within Surat that require authentication services.

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