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Apostille Services In Mumbai 

Mumbai's Apostille service is an important part of international document authentication. Mumbai is a vibrant metropolis that has a variety of administrative and legal activities. This creates heightened demand for the certification which validates public documents to be recognized by countries participating in Hague Convention.

Mumbai Apostille Services provides clients with a solution that is efficient for their authentication needs. Reputable consulting firms offer authenticated and verifiable authentication of certificates, an important step for clients when applying to get visas or expanding their business abroad.

Apostille Attestation Services In Mumbai

Apostille Attestation is becoming increasingly popular  Apostille services in Pune due to the influx of people entering overseas for work, education or trade.

The Hague Convention requires that official documents be sealed and signed in order to qualify for participation. India joined the Hague Convention in 2005. There are now more than 117 nations that accept documents that have been apostille certified in one country as valid in another. The attestation procedure is greatly simplified.

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Mumbai offers Apostille Attestation for documents created in India.

What is Certificate Apostille Services Mumbai?

As a way to verify the authenticity of the certificate, the MEA stamps the certificate with an apostille. This document legalization procedure is followed by many Hague Convention signatories. MEA is the central government agency that deals with international issues. The only agency in India that has the authority to certify documents is MEA.

How long does it take to get an Apostille in Mumbai?

The Bombay issued certificate Apostille is a complex process. The Maharashtra Home Department/SDMA will need to review the documents before MEA Apostille can apostille them. This process takes approximately 10 working day depending on where the documents originate.


Documents Apostilled at Mumbai

Here are some examples of documents that can be Apostilled in Mumbai, India.

  • Educational Documents (Degree, Diploma, Matriculation Certificate etc)
  • Non-Educational Documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc).
  • Documents commercials (export invoice, power of attorney or certificates of origin etc.)

Procedure for Apostille Certificate in Mumbai

  • Notary Attestation: Some documents, like affidavits or powers of attorney, might need to be notarized by a notary public. If your document requires notarization, get it done by a licensed notary.
  • Home Department Attestation: For personal documents, you need to get your document attested by the State Home Department of the respective state where the document was issued. This step is not required for all documents but is necessary for certain types, especially educational certificates.
  • HRD Attestation: It is the process of getting educational documents like degrees, diplomas, and certificates attested by the State Human Resource Development (HRD) Department. The HRD attestation verifies the authenticity of the educational institution and the educational document.
  • SDM Attestation: SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) attestation is a process in India where certain documents are authenticated by a Sub-Divisional Magistrate. This attestation is generally required for personal and educational documents.
  • Chamber of Commerce Certification: Chamber of Commerce certification, often known as a Chamber Certificate, is a document issued by a local Chamber of Commerce and Industry to validate the authenticity of specific business-related documents. This certification is typically used for international trade and business purposes. 
  • MEA Certification: MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) certification in the context of document attestation refers to the process of getting certain documents verified and authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. MEA attestation is a crucial step for documents that are intended to be used abroad.

How long will it take to process an Apostille in Mumbai?

There are several steps to the Hyderabad Apostille Attestation Process. MEA Apostille will be issued approximately seven days after the initial approval from Telangana State Secretariat. This depends on where you document was issued, and if there are any special circumstances. Where documents are coming from and if any expedient measures could be used.

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