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Certificate Apostille Services In Kerala

Vnr Universal in Kerala serves clients authentication needs exclusively, offering trusted and authenticated certification services through limited consultancies in Kerala. A thorough verification process ensures one is authentic when visiting their destination country; which also serves to increase visa applications or expand business interests abroad.

Certificate Attestation Services In Kerala

Kerala has one of India's highest diaspora populations working abroad in Gulf nations such as Saudi Arabia. We offer certificate attestation services to Keralaties migrating there for work purposes; depending on which documents need attesting and any necessary changes made accordingly we also offer educational certificate, embassy attestation services in Kerala within short turnaround times as well. Our experienced experts also offer such services across major districts like thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kannur, Kollam,  Kottayam, Thrissur,  Pathanamthitta etc.

 How to get Apostille Attestation in Kochi | Kerala?

Kerala boasts many reliable and legitimate apostille agencies offering legalization of documents like marriage, birth and degree certificates as well as more complex document types like patent applications. Certified and competent professionals alone are eligible to have certificates legalized. Here in Dewas we are the ideal and competent apostille agency providing fast legalization of certificates.

Legalizing certificates involves multiple steps from notary certification through to applying with MEA/apostille stickers for approval of certificates and visa processing, provided by agencies offering these services. Once approval has been given from MEA,  it allows claims for visa processing to begin or claim existing ones with more ease and speed than ever. Our agency providing legalization services also assists with this step to help with details for their own documents or provide other forms of assistance as necessary.

  Vnruniversal also provide a Apostille Services in Kerala like reliable, quick and fast apostille attestation services so that you can be certain your document is genuine and legitimate. With their experience and dedication they offer high quality Document Translation as well as Apostille Service in Hyderabad  For Visa application process without delays or inconvenience.

Document Attestation From Kerala

Depending upon the purpose of travel, verifying documents may be required in order to travel successfully. Travelers to work, study or business destinations need their documents verified as per international standard before entering each destination country. There may also be certification needs related to work, study, business purposes which must also be fulfilled prior to travel; certification needs can fall into three distinct categories.

Apostille Documents In Kerala | Attestation Services In Kerala

Here are some examples of documents that can be Apostilled in Kerala, India.

  • Educational Documents (Degree, Diploma, Matriculation Certificate etc)
  • Non-Educational Documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc).
  • Documents commercials (export invoice, power of attorney or certificates of origin etc.)

Why is a document apostille required in Kerala?

Certificate authentication may be needed for various reasons, including residential visa, student visa and employment visa applications or conducting international business deals involving any country part of the Apostille Hague Convention. Each nation requires some proof that an individual or company exists before making decisions on them, thus necessitating this legalization process as required to establish them as genuine entities.

Apostille Attestation Process For Kerala


  • Notary Attestation: The most trustworthy method of authenticating educational or personal records that have been gathered by local attorneys and collectors is through notary attestations.
  • Home Department Attestation: The attestation of papers produced by governments within a state's borders is handled by the Home Department (or State Document Management) in several states. Along with documents immediately issued by this agency, it also legalizes documents issued through this process. In some states, Mantralaya attestation is accessible.
  • HRD Attestation: The only state entity that has the authority to certify academic records is HRD. Before being authenticated, certificates from universities and boards must pass a check as part of the HRD process.
  • SDM Attestation: An alternative state attestation may be provided by a Subdistrict Magistrate in cases where HRD authentication from the Home Department is not requested.
  • Chamber of Commerce Certification: Since they are not subject to state regulation, chambers of commerce are organizations of businesspeople who can verify commercial paperwork before approving MEA documentation.
  • MEA Certification: The Ministry of External Affairs is known as MEA. They will produce MEA seals and stickers in accordance with your company's requirements. Final legalization takes place when the countries of origin and destination are both parties to the Hague Convention.

How long does it take to get Apostille in Kerala?

How long the process takes depends primarily upon what sort of certificate authentication you require, but is usually between 25 to 45 business days for offline methods and 8-20 for those that use an authentication agency in Kerala to handle it themselves. HRD involvement could further extend that timeline up to several weeks over one month in certain instances.

How much does Apostille cost in Kerala?

As part of the certificate legalization process, there are various levels of authentication involved. Apostille attestation fees depend on what level(s) of authentication you require - from just MEA up through all levels including MEA itself to non MEA levels as well. Calculations indicate legalization cost may range anywhere between several thousand to over twenty thousands depending upon its gravity of obtaining certification documents and your location of residency.

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