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Apostille Services in Chennai

All nations that have ratified the 1961 Hague Convention accept papers that have undergone the Certificate Apostille process, which is a standardized legalization procedure. All Hague Convention signatory nations recognize documents that have been apostilled. India is a party to the Hague Convention. Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides an Apostille service for any papers with Indian provenance, including those used for business, education, and personal purposes. We provide Indian Apostille services, including those for marriage and birth certificates.

Attestation of Apostilles Services in Chennai

Only the Ministry of External Affairs in India has the authority to certify papers for use in commerce, personal, and education. We have offered attestation services to all of Chennai's main cities since 2006. We are known for offering high-quality service and upholding our clients' contentment.

Document Apostille In Chennai

Need to Apostille Documents in Chennai? Contact us. Contact us. Apostille, also known as legalization, is required by Hague Convention Countries in order to verify validity and credibility. Please contact us for a Certificate Apostille. We provide services for all sorts of official documents (Birth/Death/Commercial/Degree/Police Clearance Certificate).

Documents Apostilled at Chennai

Here are some examples of documents that can be Apostilled in Chennai, India.

  • Educational Documents (Degree, Diploma, Matriculation Certificate etc)
  • Non-Educational Documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc).
  • Documents commercials (export invoice, power of attorney or certificates of origin etc).

Certificate Apostille In Chennai

Apostille must be obtained to legalize the degree certificate. Apostille Services in Ahmedabad  are the best way to legalize your degree certificate in countries that have signed the Hague Convention.

How to get Apostille in Chennai?

Apostille Services in Chennai is one of a few certified apostille agencies. Apostille Services specializes in document authentication services such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, etc. Only professionals certified by the government can perform authentication.
We provide certificate authentication, from notary attestation to the apostille by the MEA. The MEA sticker verifies a certificate and allows it to be used to apply for visas.

Procedure for Apostille Certificate in Chennai


  • Attestation by a Notary: Attestations by a notary are the most reliable method of authenticating educational or personal records that have been collected and compiled in specialized regional offices.
  • Home Department attestation: In certain states, the Home Department or State Document Management is responsible for attestation documents issued by government within their borders. The department also legalizes all documents issued through this process, as well as those directly issued by the department. Mantralaya is only available in some states.
  • Attestation by HRD: HRD, the state's only agency authorized to authenticate educational documentation. Before they can be authenticated, certificates issued by universities or boards must first be verified as part of HRD's process.
  • Sub-District Magistrate Attestation: When the HRD attestation of the Home Department is preferred, a sub-district magistrate may provide an alternative State attestation.
  • Chamber of Commerce certification: Chambers of Commerce is an association of businesspeople who can verify commercial documentation before legalizing MEA documents as they are not under state jurisdiction.
  • MEA Certification: MEA stands for the Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA will provide seals and stickers based on the requirements of your company. The final legalization is achieved when both the countries of origin as well as the destination are Hague Convention Members.

What types of apostille are available in Chennai?

Documents of all types require authentication. There are three types of apostilles, depending on whether the migration is for work, study or business.

Personal Certificates include birth certificates, marriage certificates and other personal certificates.Apostille Services for Educational Documents are a degree in Chennai. These documents must be apostilled if you are applying for a job.Apostille Services for Commercial documents: This service is for companies with a legal basis.

How much time does it take to apostille a document in Chennai?

The type of document to be legalized determines the length of time for apostille. Document legalization is dependent on the authentication process. Offline, it takes 2 to 3 working days. If you manage the process yourself, it could take 5 to 6 working days. You can complete the apostille process in as little as 2 to 3 days. The formation of HRD will also affect the time required to complete HRD. The time needed to complete the HRD process depends on where you live and which university you attend.

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