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Apostille Services in Bangalore

Apostille Services in Bangalore

 Apostille Services in Bangalore can be one of the more challenging legal tasks if you hire just any random firm for it, which is why Vnruniversal work tirelessly to streamline this procedure and take away its complications for our customers. With us handling everything necessary from personal to commercial documents - now everyone in Bangalore can afford Apostille services at very reasonable costs!

Apostille Attestation Services In Bangalore 

Vnruniversal offer premier Apostille Attestation servcies  in surat along with personalized assistance for all of your apostille needs - like procuring stickers from MEA for Apostille Attestation as well as any mandatory compliance needs for Apostille Certification services near me? When asking "who offers affordable Apostille Services near me", our services offer the best Apostille Attestation in Bangalore!

Vnruniversal Services provided include the processing of birth, marriage, health, educational non-educational certificates as well as commercial documents. Our management works closely with chambers of commerce, consulates, embassies of various countries, government departments, notary offices and universities in order to streamline certification or legalization for our clients. At Attest India, we value both time and money of our clients and strive to make their experience pleasant and hassle free. With our reliable courier company ensuring safe document deliveries before and after legalization processes. In each state or city in India we have established free pick up or delivery areas so our clients have hassle free service experience; for attestation or legalization processes from around the globe taking place here in other city alone.

Document Certificate Apostille In Bangalore

Certificate legalization refers to the practice of procuring an Apostille sticker from MEA as proof of authenticity for certificates that require it for official use or verification by other nations that adhere to Hague Convention document verification processes. MEA is responsible for foreign affairs in India and thus stands as its central government department; they are thus the only official authority authorized in this manner in our nation.

Legalizing certificates may be required for various reasons in Bangalore; such as residential visa, student visa and work visa applications or when conducting international business dealing with any country covered by Apostille Hague Convention. All countries need some kind of proof that an individual or a company is legitimate, which makes legalization essential in their assessment processes.

Documents Apostilled at Bangalore

Here are some examples of documents that can be Apostilled in Bangalore, India.
Educational Documents (Degree, Diploma, Matriculation Certificate etc)
Non-Educational Documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc).
Documents commercials (export invoice, power of attorney or certificates of origin etc.)

Apostille Attestation process for Bangalore

The Indian government recently decentralized the Apostille procedure for Bangalore issued certificates issued from Bangalore. Regional verification begins before being transferred for state authentication. Central government issues an Apostille sticker to candidates following these instructions or they can utilize EAS' service for this step of their document authentication needs in quick timeframes. We specialize in authenticating documents quickly such as Birth certificate, Degree certificate, Marriage certificate and Marriage license as well as PCC Affidavit Affidavit Power Attorney Certificate Export Invoice Certificate Of Origin etc.

Type of document apostille in Bangalore

Individuals traveling internationally for study, work or business purposes will require different documents for verification purposes. Certificates can generally be divided into three groups according to this need: personal certificates such as birth and marriage records are considered personal certificates while educational documents, like degree certificates are necessary when looking for jobs or furthering higher education needs; while commercial documents act as evidence that your established business has legitimacy.

Steps for Apostille process in Bangalore


  • Notary Attestation: Notary attestations are the most reliable way to authenticate educational or personal documents that have been collected by regional attorneys and collectors.
  • Home Department Attestation: In some states, the Home Department (or State Document Management) is responsible for the attestation of documents issued by governments within its borders. It also legalizes documents that are issued via this process as well as documents directly issued by this department. Mantralaya attestation is available in certain states.
  • HRD Attestation: HRD is the only state agency that can authenticate educational documents. Certificates issued by universities and boards must be checked as part of the HRD's process before they can be authenticated.
  • SDM Attestation: When HRD attestation from the Home Department is not preferred, a Sub-district Magistrate may provide an alternative state attestation.
  • Chamber of Commerce Certification: Chambers of Commerce are associations of business people who can verify commercial documents before legalizing MEA documentation as they do not fall under state jurisdiction.
  • MEA Attestation: MEA is the Ministry of External Affairs. They will issue MEA seals and stickers according to the needs of your business. Final legalization occurs when both countries of origin and destinations are Hague Convention members.

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