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 Apostille Services In Ahmedabad

Certificate Apostille Services in Ahmedabad

Apostille (also called Legalization or Acknowledging ) is an official process accepted by countries which have signed the Hague Convention of 1961 to legalize documents that originate in one or more Hague Convention member nations - India has become part of this international attestation agreement since 2005 and Vnr Universal provides Apostille service in Ahmedabad for personal, educational and commercial documents originated within India - this includes marriage certificate Apostille as well as birth certificate Apostille services in Kerala mong many more! Our Apostille service also covers marriage certificate Apostille as well as birth certificate Apostille service!

Attestation Services In Ahmedabad 

India's Ministry of External Affairs is the sole authority that can certify educational, personal and commercial documents. For years, we have provided our attestation services across Ahmedabad's major cities; building an excellent reputation among clients as we consistently meet high service standards while exceeding client satisfaction with each visit - be it State Authentication (MEA Attestation), Embassy Attestation or MEA Attestation services.

Document Apostille in Ahmedabad

Are You Needing Your Documents Legalized in Ahmedabad? Attestation India provides reliable Certificates Apostille Services. Apostille, also referred to as legalization, is necessary in Hague Convention countries in order to validate validity and credibility. Contact us if you require Certificate Apostille; We specialize in legalizing Birth/Death/Commercial/Degree and Police Clearance Certificate Apostilles amongst many other official documents (Birth Certificate Apostille Certificate etc...).

Documents Apostilled at Ahmedabad

Here are some examples of documents that can be Apostilled in Ahmedabad, India.

  • Educational Documents (Degree, Diploma, Matriculation Certificate etc)
  • Non-Educational Documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc).
  • Documents commercials (export invoice, power of attorney or certificates of origin etc.)

Certificate Apostille In Ahmedabad

Legalizing your degree certificate in Ahmedabad involves Apostille services; in countries adhering to Hague Convention it must prove its authenticity and legitimacy before legalizing. Apostille Services offer top service when legalizing certificates - take a look for more info today!

How Can I Achieve An Apostille in Ahmedabad?

Apostille Services in Ahmedabad is among a handful of certified Apostille Agencies offering document authentication facilities such as birth, marriage and degree certificates - offering fast legalization services at competitive prices! Apostille Services boasts professional expertise when performing authentication of documents like birth, marriage and degree certificates as well. Our fast legalization services make Apostille Services your one stop legalization shop!

From notary certifications to MEA stickers, we specialize in authentication of certificates. With excellent customer service available 24 hours per day online and by telephone - plus 24 hour availability to answer questions quickly - you are in good hands when applying for visas! We guarantee it.

Procedure of Apostille Attestation Services in Ahmedabad 


  • Notary Attestation: Notary attestations are the most reliable way to authenticate educational records or personal documents that local attorneys and collectors have gathered.
  • Home Department Attestation: In several states, the State Document Management (or Home Department) is responsible for attesting documents produced within state borders. This agency also legalizes the documents that are issued immediately by it. Mantralaya Attestation is available in some states.
  • HRD Attestation: Only HRD has the power to certify records of academic achievement. HRD must authenticate certificates issued by universities or boards.
  • SDM Attestation: A Subdistrict Magistrates may provide an alternative state attestation in the event that HRD authentication by the Home Department was not required.
  • Chamber of Commerce Certification: Chambers of Commerce are business organizations that are independent of state regulations. They can check commercial documents before they approve MEA paperwork.
  • MEA Certification: MEA is the acronym for Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA will create seals and stickers according to your requirements. The final legalization occurs when both the origin and the destination countries are parties to the Hague Convention.

How are there various kinds of Apostilles available in Ahmedabad?

While different documents need authentication, three kinds of apostille exist depending on your purpose of migration: academic studies, work or business related migration.

How long will it take documents in Ahmedabad to be Apostilled?

Document apostille times depend upon the type of legalization certificate being processed and authentication process. Depending upon where and when HRDs form, time frames vary between states and universities for legalizing documents. Usually 2-3 working days. Offline processes usually complete within this window. If handling yourself takes 5-6 working days it could potentially delay completion but your Apostille should arrive between that window as well.

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