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Certified Translation, Document Apostille and Certificate Attestation in India

India relies heavily on Apostille and Certificate Attestation processes to validate the authenticity of documents for international use. Apostille certification can be granted under The Hague Convention of 1961 to documents intended for use within member nations; certificate attestation serves a similar function. Certificate Apostille involves having documents authenticated by designated authorities who affix an Apostille stamp to confirm its legitimacy, while Certificate Attestation involves authentication by various government departments and embassies - usually required in non-Hague Convention countries. This process ensures that documents have genuine legal value abroad, for educational, professional or personal purposes. 

Apostille Service in India

Modern life makes traveling an everyday occurrence, whether for study, work or expanding a business abroad. Some countries have collaborated in helping this process by eliminating certain barriers. Vnr Universal provides exceptional apostille services in India with exceptional interventions tailored to our client needs - this includes MEA stamp acquisition. In addition, certain services can provide an authentic certificate of apostille that proves you need travel - essential when applying for visas or expanding businesses abroad.

 Attestation Service in India

The VNR Universal Attestation Service in India is an essential service that certifies the validity of various documents for international travel, employment or education purposes. Administered by the Ministry of External Affairs and carried out by authorized agencies. Attestation involves verifying various documents such as marriage licenses, educational certificates and commercial contracts for authenticity by local authorities or state departments. Documents intended to be used abroad require additional verification at an embassy and consulate before being legally recognized abroad. Our Attestation Service ensures documents are credible while also helping ensure smooth interactions internationally, which contributes to smooth cross-border activities. Likewise, Vnr Universal can help simplify all phases of legalization processes.

The utilities for authentication that we render are mentioned below:

  • Embassy Attestation
  • MEA Attestation
  • HRD Attestation
  • SDM Attestation
  • GAD Attestation
  • Notary Attestation
  • Home Department/Mantralaya Attestation
  • Chambers of Commerce Attestation

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  • PCC attestation
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • MOA Attestation

Translation services in india 

Translation services in India are vital to bridge cultural and linguistic divides and facilitate effective communication, especially given its vast array of dialects and languages spoken throughout. Demand for professional translation services has significantly increased due to this phenomenon. These services are offered to individuals and companies alike in multiple fields such as business, legal and medical; additionally they facilitate communication among people and organizations with different language preferences. VNR Universal Translation services in India provide accurate and sensitive translations by employing professional translators who not only possess language expertise but also possess an in-depth cultural awareness, thus guaranteeing accurate translations that respect local cultures. Their translation services facilitate international business transactions or legal proceedings as part of India's rich multilingual experience.

Document Translation Service in India

Document Translation Service in India provides accurate and culturally sensitive translations to businesses and individuals alike. VNR Universal's translation services focus on linguistic precision and serve an array of documents including legal contracts, academic transcripts and business proposals. Their translation process is carried out by experienced translators with proficiency in multiple languages. Document Translation Service in India offers reliable assistance for anyone seeking to expand their business internationally, navigate legal complexities or explore academic opportunities abroad. These services help bridge language gaps and facilitate effective communication across boundaries, with emphasis placed on efficiency, confidentiality and linguistic excellence - vital components for cross-cultural collaboration and seamless communications.

  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Death Certificate Translation
  • Driving License Translation
  • Bank Statement Translation
  • Degree Certificate Translation
  • Power Of Attorney Translation
  • Trademark Translation
  • Quotation Translation

Language Translation Service in India 

Language Translation Services in India play an essential role in dismantling linguistic boundaries and creating effective communication across India's varied landscape. This service, offered in multiple languages, allows seamless communication among businesses, individuals and government agencies. VNR Universal in India's Language Translation Services play an integral part in creating inclusivity and connectivity, whether through translating official documents, facilitating intercultural business communications or increasing accessibility to information. VNR Universal leverages cutting-edge technologies and linguistic nuances to promote cultural exchange and support the nation's pursuit of digital inclusion and international collaboration, while simultaneously furthering inclusion efforts across its borders. This service not only advances international collaboration efforts but also supports localized initiatives.

  • English Translation Service
  • Chinese Translation Service
  • Spanish Translation Service
  • French Translation Service
  • Japanese Translation Service
  • German Translation Service
  • Italian Translation Service
  • Russian Translation Service

Why Choose PCC?

PCC is a company that has operated for more than 6 years and earned the title of Best Services in India. This certitude is a result of the expertise and backing we've acquired over the years. We will show you the facilities we have available to help you.

  • Fast & Reliable Service

We provide fast and accurate certification of your documents. Our clients have commissioned us and we are trusted by them.

  • Pick up and drop off service for free

After the processing, our utilities will collect documents at your place and return them to you. The quickest services will be provided to you.

  • Availability of service across India

PCC has been resolute for over half a century and today, it is spread across the entire country. Its clients receive the highest quality of service. Even foreign documents are handled by us.

  • 24*7 Customer service

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you. Our team will provide you with the answers that you need.

  • Quality Service

Our company offers services that are of supreme quality and authenticity. You can be assured of accuracy and expert knowledge in the job.

  • Customer Convenience

We value our clients and are tech-savvy so that our utilities are easy to use. Our clients are kept informed of our progress and no costs are hidden.

Vnruniversal offers the best certificate apostille services in India and all other nearby Areas. Very few apostille services company in India offers fast service where as we make sure all is done on time.  If you are in India and you need document apostille services in India then you can just call our customer services team.  There are plenty of reasons that make us the best apostille services agency is India and some of them are as follows:

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  5. 100% confidentiality maintained for all our India customers
  6. Fast certificate Apostille service in India
  7. Best document legalization company in India


Process of giving Certificate Apostille Services in India

  1. We will collect the document for apostille in the India location
  2. Our team will check out the document and respond to you at your location in India
  3.  Document submission to Authorities
  4. The document will be delivered to India location of yours


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